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Fruit Coatings


At Agriplus we understand the challenges produce packers are faced with when trying to supply superior product year after year at retail level.  With each packline so distinct, each fruit so unique, and each market so specific, achieving top quality arrivals require dynamic packing strategies. We recognise the vital need for a spectrum of innovative coating products that can address your specific requirements throughout the season.  Our technical service advisors can help you find a protective coating that will suit your needs.


From post-harvest cleaners and fungicides to automated application systems and equipment, Agriplus is the premier provider of service and solutions to the industry. Let us help you to provide the best possible product in the most effective way possible to your customers.

Agriplus provides solutions for a number of processes, including:

- Cleaning & Sanitation
- Decay & Disorder
- Management
- Packinghouse Equipment & Aftermarket Parts
- Automated application systems
- Protective Coatings